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You may have not contemplated the need to clean your mattresses, but once you know the facts regarding the cleanliness of your mattress, it may quickly change your outlook. Studies show that a used mattress may have anywhere between 100,000 to 10,000,000 (That’s Ten Million!) dust miles living and breathing inside.

Dust mites feed off the dead skin and discarded cells that end up in our mattresses. What is even worse; often what causes irritation to lungs and skin is not the mites themselves but their faecal matter left inside the mattress! The same is true of your soft furniture like sofas and couches so it is equally important that they are cleaned regularly too.

Remember we spend up to one third of our life in bed, so it’s vital we keep our mattress as clean as possible by regular cleaning. Contact “Barwon Carpet Cleaning” one of Geelong’s most trusted cleaning companies.

Highly Effective Bacteria Killing Procedure

Mattress steam cleaning is the most effective way of sanitising and safeguarding your family. Our powerful Truck Mounted machines run at 245 degrees F, at the machine, so when we clean your mattress at high temperatures we are naturally removing bacteria, dust mites, faecal matter, sweat and stains while sanitizing and deodorising the mattress at the same time.

Your mattress will require a drying time of between three and six hours

Depending on the day and air movement within the room. One call to ‘Barwon Carpet Cleaning’ is all that is needed to book in a suitable time for one of our trained technicians to attend at your Geelong home to change the condition of your mattresses; on arrival they will complete the following;

Assess the current state of the mattress.
Powerfully vacuum the surface to remove debris.
Apply a sanitising and deodorising solution.
Effect a deep, high temperature steam clean of the mattress.


Our mattress steam cleaning process doesn’t rely on harsh and damaging chemicals or cleaning agents, you can rely on ‘Barwon Carpet Cleaning’ for a safe and highly effective clean of your mattresses every time.

We provide high quality cleaning services at reasonable prices.

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